Just got off the initial web conference for MozOpenEdCourse. One initial impression is that both the course content and the group participants are very diverse. Of course, this has its pluses and negatives. In a six week course, though, I would like to see more focus.

My own goal for the course is to work more on my open writing project. Even if the course just gets me to work on that for a few hours a week, it will be well worth it. And I am hoping to get some collaboration from others on it as well.

Notes from the web conference:

Mozilla education repository
– My comment: The OER world does not need another repository (especially one that is not screened/QC’d).
– Would be nice to have more specifics on what the Mozilla education (“suite”?) actually is. (I’ll read more on the case study.)
[Revealing my own ignorance in my previous comments…the MozillaWiki is not new wiki s/w; it’s a MediaWiki wiki set up for Mozilla to house education-related materials.]

– Very clear goal statements. I really like the inclusion of exploring “better pedagogical models.” This is sorely needed.
– “Formative feedback” (instead of “assessment”)

– Sketch template for project blueprint [waiting for the link?]
(Here’s my prelim sketch.)

MozOpenEdCourse Week 1

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