I am participating in another open ed course, this one co-organized by Mozilla, ccLearn and P2PU. Here are the various course pages and forums for anyone interested in following along:

A few interesting things about this course include that it is limited to a small number of participants (approximately 20), it uses several proprietary tools for delivery (e.g. Google Groups, WebEx), and the collaborative conference sessions are synchronous. (I wondered how this would ever work with my travel schedule, but they’re going to at least rebroadcast all the sessions.)

One of the course goals is to “test and assess the online course method being developed by Mozilla Labs.” (Did you know that Mozilla apparently has their own wiki software? I didn’t. It looks for all the world like MediaWiki to me.)

The course includes a project that each student will work on (though at a course length of only 6 weeks and less than one week’s notice of the start date, I’m not sure how much progress we’ll make). I have decided to use this as an opportunity to move ahead on my open writing idea. Wherever I am at the end of this course with it, I will keep forging on. (I often find it useful to declare such goals in writing, so here we are.)

The first class web conference is tomorrow, so I’m sure I’ll have more to say then.

Open Ed course – Mozilla/ccLearn

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