My name is Karen.

I have a keen interest in the area of open educational resources, particularly in elementary and secondary education (K-12).

Currently, I run a small educational technology company. (I also keep a blog there, largely concerned with mobile technologies.) I have worked in education, including software and textbook publishing, for over 15 years. I have also taught overseas in Africa. The confluence of this experience with the current state of technology and massive collaboration and with circumstances in my own life has led me to think seriously about devoting a large amount of my time in the future to developing and advocating for open educational resources.

This blog is a place where I will be reflecting on issues related to open education. I would appreciate any comments and discussions you care to add.

Thanks for reading.

Banner image credits:

Earth – NASA, public domain
Open Source on the beach – Andy Smith; CC Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 2.0
Books – Mylene Bressan; CC Attribution 2.5
Classroom – Lee; CC Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0
Computer screen – Lukasz Jernas; CC Attribution 2.5

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