So I’ve got the Moodle 2 site set up for the math textbook remix project I’m doing as a part of two P2PU courses.

I took a look at the Common Core standards for math as they related to fractions. (I decided to focus for now on one module: fractions, rather than the whole year’s curriculum in the textbook.) A lot of this content is more 5th grade than 6th, but I’m not really labeling it by grade anyway. I think that doing so limits a resource’s ability to be best used for differentiation.

Working title:


This course is open for guest access. If anyone wants to play along with discussing or building this, drop me a note and I’ll add you as a user.

One thing I’m struggling with is the desire to focus this as a remix project (using mostly already-available open resources) vs. a more optimal design process (starting with learning objectives, looking at what would be acceptable evidence for mastery, and only then looking at what activities might be appropriate).

Your Path to Math
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