A variety of people are working on tagging content for the new Common Core standards, and I have been asked by several if there were any suggested tags in place for this (a controlled vocabulary).

Having looked and asked around and not found any, we put together this list of Common Core tags.

Please note that this is not “official,” but is what we are using to tag content absent anyone else putting something out there. (We’d love to see NGA put some tags on their own web site to ensure greater consistency and to facilitate searches across materials.)

If you see any inconsistencies in any of these tags (the original standards themselves have some oddities in them, especially in ELA), please let me know.

I’m also curious to see what the states do with these as they begin adopting and adding their own additional standards. My hope is that they use a consistent numbering scheme, again so that some synergies can be gained.

Tags for Common Core stds.
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