The cross-generational learning experiences that I’ve participated in have been uniquely powerful. This is leading me to think about how we might include more youth in our connectivist learning MOOCs.

My question is – what would incentivize youth to participate?

In many ways, this is the same question I am often asked about getting educators to participate in opt-in, no-pay/no-credit learning experiences.

And just as with educators, I am not looking for extrinsic incentives, such as stipends or course credit. I think those kinds of rewards detract from the rich self-directed learning that happens in opt-in cMOOCs.

With educators, my answer to “why should I participate?” centers on the learning itself. We participate in these connected learning experience because it has value to us and adds to our own personal learning. So perhaps that is the answer for youth as well.

I’m wondering though if there is a way to draw a more direct line to this for youth. Perhaps a connection to something like Genius Hour or some other highly flexible school project. (Is this too close to doing the MOOC for course credit? I’m not sure.) Perhaps a tie to certain passion-based affinity groups (e.g. art, cooking, etc.).

I’m thinking out loud on this. Would love to hear your thoughts.

Thinking about youth in cMOOCs
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