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I’m going to go back two weeks and write the post I should have back then. (It’s never too late, right?)

I am happy to be participating in the “Making Learning Connected” MOOC (#clmooc) this summer. I am a part (perhaps the weak link) in a brilliant team of facilitators from the highly-esteemed National Writing Project.

#clmooc is a massive open online collaboration. We think it is important to think of it as a collaboration rather than a “course,” and the flood of great collaborative work on our G+ community has proven this out.

#clmooc is about two main things: making and connected learning. Connected learning is learning designed for the current world. It is about more than just socially connected learning (ala Connected Educators). Connected learning is based on the principles of learning that is:

  • interest-powered
  • peer-supported
  • academically oriented
  • production-centered
  • openly networked
  • with a shared purpose

And it espouses core values of equity, social connection, and full participation.

In #clmooc, we’ll be learning more about connected learning and experiencing it firsthand in the context of making things. We’ll make, hack, and remix all kinds of things — digital stories, movies, food, gardens, photos, web sites, games, toys, and much more. (In fact, we have a “make bank” where you can explore others’ suggested makes or submit your own.)

The most important featuer of #clmooc to me is its flexibility. You can participate in #clmooc however you like. Lurk. Actively participate. Do some suggested makes. Make your own makes. Follow on the #clmooc site, the G+ community, or Twitter. Watch “makes with me,” do twitter chats, meet with others f2f, or do your own thing. Whatever works for you is the right path. I like that.

#clmooc is planned to run for 7 weeks (through August 4), but I suspect that some of us will go on with it beyond that. And it’s never too late to jump in. You can join us anytime. Hope to learn and make with you this summer in #clmooc!

What is this #clmooc?
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