This Twitter exchange prompted me to write about something I’ve been thinking about a lot lately — openness beyond just open licensing.

For a long time, I’ve been feeling that there was something bigger and more interesting about OER and the open ed movement beyond just free, shareable, redistributable resources.

We have an opportunity to open and share our practice and our learning in new ways that are incredibly powerful. It started for me at Wikipedia. I’ve seen it at P2PU. I’m sensing the huge opportunities at YouthVoices. It’s palpable at DS106.

And it’s not so much about what the instructional materials are (or even if there are any). That matters less and less. It’s about how we make things together. How we share. How we learn. Together.

(This all relates to the video I’m working on for K12 Online…which I now want to redo completely. Guess it’s too late for that, which by the way I should get back to now.)

Openness beyond licensing

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