In case you haven’t checked in on it lately, the Kids Open Dictionary project is going well. We have over 9,200 words defined now.

And we’ve started getting some interesting uptake on usage. We’ve had several folks use the glossary builder for online courses and other classroom uses. (If you send us a word list, we’re happy to prioritize any undefined words for completion.)

There is also a new mobile app built on words and definitions from the dictionary — it’s called Mobictionary and runs on Windows Phone 7. We love it!  (And we’d sure love to see future versions for iOS and Android!) It’s free so if you have a Windows Phone 7, check it out!

If you have ideas of your own for how to use the open dictionary, let us know. Remember it’s completely free and public domain.

And if you have a chance, stop by and define a word or two.

Open dictionary update
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