I was happy to see Open PD as a category in the Edublog Awards for 2013 and even happier to see several projects I worked on over the last year nominated. These include:

as well as a couple other project I regularly participate in, Classroom 2.0 LIVE and Connected Educator month.

(A few notables omissions from this category, in my opinion, were DS106 and Mozilla’s Teach the Web.)

Go vote for your favorites, and remember you can vote for more than one.

As I do whenever I look at sites claiming to be “open,” I looked carefully at the sites in this category to see if they pass muster with what the open movement stands for. Happily, most of these. Several of the nominees (including the three bulleted ones above) were open in all regards — open licensed, free and open to anyone, and on the open web (not behind a firewall).

It’s gratifying to see so many great open PD choices available. It’s an exciting world!

Best Open PD
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