I have written before about Paul Allison and the amazing work he has done at Youth Voices and on P2PU with badges for interest-driven student projects.

Now, we need your help.

A team of folks, including me and Paul, want to extend this great work into summer to give more youth an opportunity to find their voice and experience connected learning.

To make this happen, we are conducting a crowdfunding campaign to raise the money to give youth and teachers a chance to attend this summer program free of charge. More info is available here at Youth Voices Summer Program.

Anything you can do to help us reach our ambitious goal is much appreciated. We need not only financial donations, but also help spreading the word in whatever ways you can. Twitter, Facebook, email, phone — anything you can do will help.

I know firsthand that the work Youth Voices is doing has a profound impact on the youth and teachers who participate.

Thank you for whatever you can do!

An amazing summer project
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