There is a new export option for glossaries in the open dictionaryPowerPoint presentations. To use this, just build a glossary and select the PPT option when you build. (If you just want to try this out, you can test it with one of the sample glossaries.)

I’m really excited about this, because I think the classroom applications are huge. Have kids create a PowerPoint for their vocabulary lists and add pictures. Add pronunciations. Output it to jpgs and make a movie. Put the PowerPoints on the web, handhelds, or iPods and use them to differentiate instruction. All of these ideas fit well into research on vocabulary instruction and are also manageable and not time consuming.

(For those more advanced or with ample time on your hands, you can use the wikitext export option and build a vocab wiki.:)


(We’re still working on getting this to open automatically in Open Office. Stay tuned.)

Automatic PowerPoint presentations from your vocab list!

One thought on “Automatic PowerPoint presentations from your vocab list!

  • November 18, 2008 at 1:09 pm

    Great tool, thanks – just need more time to play with it!

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