Like many of you, I just got back from ISTE. It was a good conference, and I had tons of great conversations with lots of folks. But like many formal learning experiences, it left me wondering, “Couldn’t we make better use of this time and money to drive more authentic learning experiences?”

Prior to ISTE, I’ve been thinking a lot about authentic, passion-driven learning and Bud Hunt’s brilliant new Center for Make/Hack/Play.

And in the last year, I’ve gotten involved in a lot of maker activities on a personal level.

Last night this all came together in a dream. It was of a make/hack/play space at ISTE.

So what would a mini maker faire for educators looks like? Does it even make sense to separate this out as an “ed” maker faire?

Now a group of us are brainstorming this idea here. Join us.

Mini Maker Faire for Ed?
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