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    I tend to think of one of the main advantages of OER as getting away from textbooks :), but what are some of the advantages of open textbooks?

    I know that in Utah, they found that teachers could delve deeper into the curriculum and how to customize it for their needs by using open textbooks?

    I also think that open textbooks are sometimes a stepping stone to other non-textbook forms of learning resources.

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    It takes a lot of work to find, curate and distribute an entire course worth of material. As you said, open textbooks can provide some structure to a course, tweaked to the way the teacher would like to present the material. From there, the teacher can grow their library of resources year after year, until they have OERs that can replace a textbook.

    In my consulting, I also do find teachers that have no interest in moving away from textbooks. Open textbooks might be a way to bridge the technology gap without leaving them (and their students) desperately behind.


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    Karen Fasimpaur

    I agree that open textbooks are a way to “bridge” the gaps (both in terms of technology and in terms of pedadogy).

    I don’t really think that teacher have no interest in moving away from textbooks, but there certainly are a lot of challenges/barriers — policy, administration, parents/community, locked-down curriculum, technology availability.

    I’ve seen a few cases where open textbooks have been used in a fairly traditional way (not that much different from proprietary ones), but that has then been a springboard to doing other things. That seems like a good leverage point.

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