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Free Content + Open Tools + Massive Collaboration = Learning for All (60 min. presentation session)


Learning and information should be free and accessible to everyone! Come learn about how the Open Educational Resources movement is reshaping education by providing free, high quality learning resources. Open Source tools, like wikis, blogs, course management systems, graphic organizers, and productivity tools, are just the beginning. We’ll also look at a variety of repositories of free textbooks, images, videos, music, lesson plans, and other resources. You’ll learn how to access these and use them to enrich your own lessons. We’ll also show you how to contribute your own resources so others can use them. Copyright issues and “copyleft” licenses, such as Creative Commons and GFDL, will be discussed. You’ll leave this session with lots of great ideas and resources you can put to immediate use in your school.

This session is currently scheduled for presentation at:

  • NCCE, Seattle, WA

This session has already been presented at:

Other conferences to be added.

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